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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

FX Explosion for "Louanna Lee"

FX Text Explosion from DarkCellar on Vimeo.

Last year, producer Lee Doll started filming a pilot series call "The Adventures of Louanna Lee" (sort of like the old Nancy Drew mysteries) with his teenage daughter in the title role. Talk about a great way to stay close to your kids.

Since then, he's completed and release episode 1, and episode 2 is due out this month. He's also produced a slew of music videos as well.

I came out to grip a couple of times for the first 2 episodes. It was a lot of fun--especially since I know most of the cast and crew. Among them are Timewarp regulars Leanna Chamish and George Stover, who play Louanna's mother and grandfather respectively, as well as my buddy Rob Long (production design) and Jeff Herberger (director/dp).

For episode 3, Lee asked if I could do some FX to help spice things up. I was happy to get involved. He asked what I could do--they hadn't locked the script yet, and wanted to see if I could suggest something I could pull off convincingly. I said, "how about blowing up a building." He and Jeff liked that idea and they wrote something to that effect into the story. As a proof of concept, they asked if I could do a test shot for them. Jeff sent me footage of what they use as the family house in the show, and the above video is what I came up with. They seemed to like it, so we're going to do the real shot for the show--though Lee said we might be able to use this shot as well.

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