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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Character Breakdowns for Timewarp's Auditions

As I mentioned in my last post, we'll be holding auditions for our latest feature on June 8th and June 14th at The Days Hotel Timonium - 9615 Deerco Road, Timonium, Maryland, 21093.

Here is the list of major roles available (other smaller speaking and non-speaking roles are also available).

"Deborah Mason"
(Female, 25-40)

She dresses for success and takes her career seriously. She's new to management and hasn't dealt with difficult employees before; though she's confident she can handle whatever comes her way.

"Charles Vanderhaven"
(Male, 30-60)

Extremely detail oriented and paranoid, Charles is a textbook example of obsessive compulsive disorder. His only friend in the world is his dog, Pixie. He would do anything, ANYTHING, to ensure her safety. Other humans just inconvenience him; he wants nothing to do with them.

"Harold Becker"
(Male, 28-40)

A blue-collar man through and through. He has no patience for intellectuals who think they're better than he is. He's old fashioned, and will go to great lengths to protect his family.

(Female, 21-60)

Deborah's assistant. She's overworked because of her own desire to get ahead, but lacks the skills to get much further than assistant. And her passive-aggressive, sarcastic nature doesn't help.

"Shane Foster"
(Male, 30-50)

Foster is a mafia "Hitman," who's been contracted for one last assignment for his boss. He had been previously promised that he would never have to do anything like this again, but his loyalty is so great that he accepts the offer. Foster has ice in his veins, but this latest assignment has limitations that he must follow, which compounds his frustration.

"Eric Litchfield"
(Male, 45-65)

Litchfield is a corporate America man, been a business man all his life. He hasn't let his career get to him, though. He's very friendly, conversational and outgoing. He's one of three men trapped in an elevator, but even so, this doesn't rattle him, and he can find humor in virtually any situation. He's the kind of guy almost anyone can like.

"Ravi Sinjaad"
(Male, 25-45)

Sinjaad's family is originally from India, but he came to America at a very young age. He is hard working, but somewhat timid, and does not like enclosed spaces. He gets nervous easily, and every once in awhile comes up with funny quips…that he doesn't realize are funny.

"Don Buccini"
(Male, 55-75)

A mafia powerhouse, Don Buccini is THE major player in the area he controls. He is ruthless, vengeful, and yet has a soft side for those who have supported his rise to power. He looks upon "Shane Foster" as his second son.

"Dominick Buccini"
(Male, 23-30)

Spoiled, angry and incredibly vicious, Dominick is the typical psychopath that would kill someone just to watch them die…and then will run and hide behind his father's mafia empire. He can't wait for his father to be gone, however, because he has plans…BIG plans…for the role that he will assume. He hates "Shane Foster."

"Darlene Spencer"
(Female, 18-25)

She is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, taunted by the ghostly image of a woman that haunts her dreams. She also hears voices that are beginning to influence her -- leading her to contemplate suicide.

"Lindsay Campbell"
(Female, 21-35)

Impressionable, and a bit of a drama queen, she's happily married, but always worried her husband will leave her, because she feels she's not good enough. She currently takes antidepressants, and looks at her new home as a fresh start on her life.

"Jason Campbell"
(Male, 21-35)

Geeky computer guy, always upbeat. Husband of Lindsay, he no doubt loves his wife, but gets frustrated by her almost constant need for attention. Even so, he will step up and protect her when she needs it.

"Bonnie Hanson"
(Female, 28-40)

A polite and friendly -- though noticeably phony -- real estate agent, she treats her clients with respect, but never strays from her goal: selling the house and making lots of money.

"Maddy Hatfield"
(Female, 30-50)

An old-fashioned, devoted wife. Maddy is painfully aware of her husband's contempt for her. She longs for his affection, but constant failure is wearing her down.

"George Hatfield"
(Male, 30-50)

Ignorant, abusive and controlling, he hates all women, including his wife, Maddy, and only interacts with them when he wants food or sex -- and sometimes he doesn't ask. He takes.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Timewarp to Hold Auditions in June

Timewarp Films

From Director Joe Ripple:

After seeing both national and world-wide distribution on four of their first five features, Timewarp Films, LLC will be holding open auditions for its sixth project, tentatively entitled "Sealed Fates." This horror anthology project is slated to begin filming in late June. Several roles are available for both men and women, all races are welcome. Respectfully, no roles for children are available at this time. This is a non-union production, shooting on weekends with deferred pay, but meals will be provided. A DVD copy of the completed project will also be provided to each actor.

We will be holding auditions at "The Days Hotel Timonium," 9615 Deerco Road, Timonium, Maryland, 21093. The audition dates will be Sunday, June 8th and then the following Saturday, June 14th from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. both days. The audition will be a cold read. Please bring a headshot and resume; however you MUST audition to be considered for a role.

Please do not call the hotel with any questions. All questions can be answered by Director Joe Ripple, via email at timewarpfilms@comcast.net

For more information about our company, please visit www.timewarpfilms.com