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Don Dohler: Uncontained Imagination « Baltimore Filmmakers

Baltimore Filmmakers posted a nice article about my friend, the late Don Dohler. Here's the link:  Don Dohle r: Uncontained Imagination...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tales from the Cellar gets its own domain

Welcome to talesfromthecellar.com.

The old domain will remain active for a while, and will resolve to the new one.  So it will mostly be invisible. But it's a lot easier to say, "go to talesfromthecellar.com." Don't cha think?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Camera Mapping in Blender, for Charity.

I read a post on Blendernation, a cornerstone of the Blender 3D community, that I felt bared repeating--for two reasons.

First, Colin Levy (Peerless Productions), created a 30 second public service announcement (PSA) as an entry for PSAId, a contest sponsored by the Center for International Disaster Information (CIDI). It's very impressive and has a strong message; no wonder it was a finalist. You can view his entry here.

Second, because he uploaded a video on how he used Blender 3D for camera mapping in order to create the proper setting for the scene. He also has a full camera mapping tutorial on his Web site.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Projects from the Cellar


I started a section for showcasing the projects I've worked on. Projects from the Cellar will have stills galleries of FX and videos, with some behind the scenes commentary, and how-tos.

I've already added sections for Amateur Short Films, a Stakes FX gallery, a Monster Planet FX gallery, and a video on how to create a quick and dirty vampire death. Stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Horrorfind March 2008

Last weekend was Horrorfind Weekend.

As always, Timewarp Films had a table and we were hawking our films. It was nice to actually have a new one to offer. We weren't able to get copies of Dead Hunt for last August's show.

We shared space with our sister organization, Scares that Care (also run by Joe Ripple, our director). It really stole the show. We raffled off Ichabod, a creepy looking head on a stick, and conducted a silent auction--all for charity. It was a great success! We took in over $2000.

I spent most of the weekend hiding behind my laptop. I was updating a script for submission to the Bluecat Screenplay Competition. But I did pop my head up every once in a while to chat with fellow filmmakers, fans of Don Dohler and Timewarp Films (always a pleasure to speak with people that like your stuff), and, of course, the other Timewarpers helping out: Stewie, Rob (pictured; right), Zig, Colleen, Leanna (pictured; center), Eric, and the man himself, Joe Ripple.

Overall it was great fun. Unfortunately, the turnout wasn't what they hoped for. But this was the first time in a new location, and March doesn't bring out the fans like August does.

One highlight for me was getting to meet George Romero (pictured below). As a low-budget filmmaker, getting to meet a legend in the field is a real treat. He was taller than I expected, and a great guy to talk to. We shared our opinions on filmmaking, and he told me his favorite of his own films is Martin, a film I've wanted to see since watching Document of the Dead. Needless to say, I jumped on Amazon when I got home and ordered a copy.

Here's a pic of the table. The barely visible Zig is behind the TV, Stewie is filming Rob taking the picture -- exciting footage, it must be -- and that's me in the center, face buried.

Colleen, Leanna, and Eric pose to promote Dead Hunt.
Hawking Dead Hunt

And finally, a bunch of us went to the local Outback on Saturday to celebrate my wife's birthday.

A very busy and tiring weekend, but a fun one.
Thanks to Rob and Stewie for the pictures.