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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sealed Fates Begins Shooting

We've been chomping at the bit to film a new feature for over a year now. We're finally getting our chance this summer. The cast is set, the locations (sort of) secured -- any micro-budget company knows what I mean -- and the shooting schedule is done (for the next couple of weeks, anyway).

Now, we start rolling.

This is the first time I'll be behind the camera, other than for the Horrorfind commercial in March. So, I made a checklist for the set:

  • Charged battery...check.

  • Tape in, queued up...check.

  • White balance set...check.

  • XL1 set to interlaced mode...check (we're converting to 24p, but that's a whole, upcoming, post in itself).

  • Subject framed...check.

  • Lights set properly...check.

And, um, anything else?

Oh yeah,

  • Focused? ...check. Whew!

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