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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

NBC: Please Don't Cancel Journeyman!

According to Scifi wire, NBC let the deadline pass for ordering new episodes. That's a shame. Of all the new series this fall, many of which I enjoy, I really connected with Journeyman. I like the main character, Dan Vassar (Kevin McKidd), and the complex dynamic in which he finds himself.

When I first heard about it, I thought it was going to be a Quantum Leap ripoff. It isn't. Sure, it has the same premise, a guy travels through time righting wrongs, but that's where the similarities end. Journeyman is edgier. Dan does have to fix some poor sap's life every week, but he also has to deal with his rocky marriage, and a brother (Reed Diamond), a police officer, who thinks he's off his rocker and into some bad stuff. To make matters worse, there's a whole subplot dealing with his ex-wife (Moon Bloodgood), who everyone though was dead, but is a time traveler herself.

Journeyman is filled with conflict, suspense, and some great acting--particularly from Gretchen Egolf, who plays Katie Vasser. I would much rather watch a great scifi-drama than crappy reality show.
So, NBC, please rethink your decision. Or at least let the Sci-fi channel pick it up.

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