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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Proud Finalist in the Red Inkworks Screenplay Competition

As I mentioned in a previous post, I entered a few contests to see how my first feature-length screenplay would fare against other aspiring screenwriters. Well, I'm happy to say that I was selected as a top-50 finalist (27th to be exact) in the Red Inkworks competition, the second contest I entered. Woohoo! :yay:

As a result, my script's title and logline1 will be posted on their Web site, and will also be e-mailed to various industry professionals, who may be interested in reading the script.

So, does this mean agents, managers, and producers will be beating down my door? That would be cool, but I have no illusions. I mean, I hope someone sees the listing and finds my story intriguing enough to contact me. But I doubt it'll be that easy. This is merely the first step in a long process. Albeit, an important step for my confidence.

One reason I entered this contest in particular, besides the fact that it's well reviewed on MovieBytes, is the feedback they provide. I found it very insightful, and was happy the suggestions were for minor changes only.

Folks, the notes alone were worth the entry fee. I highly recommend this contest for any new screenwriter who wants an objective opinion on his or her script--with the added benefit of possibly being exposed to "the industry".

1A logline is a brief description of a script, usually 1-3 sentences, that is often used as a calling card. Loglines are harder to write then they may seem, but can be invaluable in conveying the gist of the story.