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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Not My Big Break

I checked Final Draft's Web site this week and they had posted the semi-finalists for the Big Break screenwriting competition. I wasn't on the list. :(

I quickly went through the stages of grief. Denial - I checked the list three times to make sure my name wasn't on it; Anger - Don't they know a great script when they see one?; Depression - I suck and will never write again (that only lasted a nanosecond :lol:); and Acceptance - What's my next idea?

I'm not too disappointed, really. First, the script was an update to my first, which was written in 2003. I figured it would be awesome if it placed, but since a screenwriter doesn't hit his or her stride until about the 5th script (so I've heard), placing would just be gravy -- albeit good gravy, and maybe a little bread :D.

Second, judging is extremely subjective, and not everyone likes supernatural thrillers. That's why I've already entered a second contest, Red Inkworks, which offers feedback to every contestant (it doesn't hurt to get more feedback). And I'm considering the Gotham Screen competition, which caters to lower budget ($2-12 million) films. With the results of three contests, I'll have a better feel for where this script fits in the screenwriting world. Maybe nowhere. But that's okay; I've learned a lot since writing that script, and have many, many more ideas.

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