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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Blood, Boobs & Beast Premiere

I'm sure Don would have been honored to know that a documentary about his life, and careers in filmaking and publishing, was accepted into the Maryland Film Festival. Though, we that know him know he wouldn't have made a fuss about it. He'd probably have said, in that calm, low Baltimorian drawl of his, "hey, that's great," and would have offered a genuine smile.

But his family, friends, and fans were elated. We couldn't wait to see what documentarian John Kinhart had put together, and we weren't disappointed. We were able to spend 90 minutes re-living fond memories of a man we all admired.

After the Friday showing we were invited to a party hosted by Greg Dohler (Don's son) and his wife Cindy France. I had a great conversation with John, absorbing all the inside information on how the film came together. I also got to meet Christian Brown, the film's composer. We compared notes (as it were), me being a wannabe composer myself.

I also met one of John's friends, Rich, who gave up a major in political science (thank God) to pursue filmmaking and writing. We talked shop for quite a while--he seems to think I know what I'm doing behind the camera :lol:

Also, Rob Long presented Don's wife Leslie with an original painting of Don.

We stayed out way too long, the old farts that we are, and were dragging all the next day, but it was worth it.

The next showing was Sunday. This time I brought my own entourage, and some folks from Horrortalk (Steve, Eric, and Robert) also made an appearance.

When the weekend was over, I was exhausted, but felt as if I had spent the time hanging out with Don, like I used to. If only that were true.


All photographs provided by Leanna Chamish.



    That said, I had a great time. It was like a Timewarp posse was there. :lol:

  2. Have you heard of fair use? :shake: Besides, look what they did you you on Horrortalk.


    It was a great time.