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Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Cool Toy for Bloggers

My buddy Stewie, from Incoherent Thoughts, mentioned ScribeFire in his latest post.

In a nutshell, ScribeFire is a Firefox extension that turns the bottom half of your browser into a blog editor. Once you set up a connection to your blog, you can pull this bad boy up and blog away, publishing directly to your blog -- without logging in to your site.

The interface is simple, yet robust, and you can even work with images:

Powered by ScribeFire.


  1. Damn, dude. You took my 8 page post and made it a paragraph. :lol: :up:

  2. Oh, how did the uploading of pics work out for you?

    Did you use API or FTP?

  3. :D Short and to the point.

    I used the API, I think. I set up FTP too, but don't think that worked.

    At any rate, it's a great plug-in. Thanks for sharing. :up:

  4. Check this one out:


  5. That's cool. Are you looking into it? Of course that may cut in to Metro Reading, or make it easier.

  6. Installed on both. And I think it might help me on MetroReading, as I can link the reviews I write right in the "Review" part of the book.

    If I continue to use it, I'll probably throw down a donation.

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