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Monday, February 19, 2007

Timewarp Moves Forward

Since Don Dohler's passing last December, we at Timewarp Films have been contemplating our next steps. To that end, we've been holding (and will continue to hold) monthly production meetings to discuss our goals, plans, ideas, gripes, and whatever else. You can read about our new production staff, and some of our initial plans here.

Needless to say, we're all excited about our future prospects. While I can't go into details, I would like to mention a little about what's on our slate.

First, we will continue to work on Crawler, and plan to complete it soon. We're finishing the last two scenes with the monster, about 7 or 8 shots, and then we have some miscellaneous FX shots, one scene to cut, some sound effects, and maybe a little tweaking (though we're not messing with Don's edit). That's it!

Then, our first new project is a 3-part anthology, with a common theme threaded throughout. A first draft is completed for the first segment, and we've cemented the ideas for the second and third. We're hoping that working on 3 short films will help our new team develop a synergy that will carry over into our upcoming feature-length stuff.

Speaking of feature length, we have 5 potential projects in the queue, all horror/thriller oriented: A zombie/action movie, a vampire movie with religious elements, a serial-killer movie, a supernatural thriller, and vampire movie that begins during WWII. That's enough projects to cover the next 6-8 years. So we'll definitely be busy.


  1. I so can't wait until filming starts.

    I can be on set, can't I?

    CAN'T I???

    I HATE YOU ALL! (you need the smiley plug in so I can put a "mad" smiley here).

  2. lol.

    I suppose it's fine with me. As long as you play nice.

    Dang, I do need to add emoticons.

  3. Stewie Said:
    "(you need the smiley plug in so I can put a “:mad:” smiley here)."

    Fixed :D

  4. That incredible Oscar winning actor Robert Long II will be appearing in all of these features, right? In-depth interviews with him, photo galleries, etc? You now his legions of fans will demand it. Otherwise there will be picket lines outside the huge walls of Timewarp Films Studios in Burbank. :eyebrows:

  5. Does one fan constitute a legion? :eyeroll:

  6. :up: :up: :up:

    I love how easy it is to work with the press.

  7. Although Stewie, you will have to get it okay'd with Joe. We are kinda pulling a "Kangas" by being secretive about the plots of the trilogies. I remember last time you were on a set and saw all the secrets, you immediately phoned the National Enquirer. I don't remember seeing any of that million bucks you got... :mad: