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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


On June 3rd, Timewarp had a premiere for its latest feature, Dead Hunt (see pictures below). I'm always a little nervous at premieres. We all put a lot of effort into completing these film projects, and wear many, many hats in the process. Being so close to the project, it's hard to gauge how an audience will react. Will they laugh in the wrong places, or not laugh at all, or groan, or snicker or leave? You can't tell until it rolls, and you see what happens. Typically the reactions are good. The audience is filled with cast, crew, family, and friends, and we experience a group synergy from beginning to end. It's great!The first showing started a little after 8PM due to a problem with the sound system. No one seemed to care, though, as cast members networked and chatted with those they hadn't seen since we wrapped.With all systems go, Don and Joe welcomed everyone, and we were underway. The staple Timewarp logo swirled onto the screen followed by the opening credits. Different sections of the audience cheered for their friend, spouse, son, daughter, mother, or father as his or her name flashed on the screen. The synergy soared. During the film, the audience was mostly quiet, glued to the screen. They were treated to quite a bit of blood, some guts (literally), some action, some romance, some humor, some fine acting, some great visuals (thanks to Don Dohler's cinematography and Sean Quinn's effects), and a wonderful score by Justin Timpane. The audience did their part by laughing in the right places (there was one, unintended, moment that made the whole audience roar, including us), and jumping in the right place, too. What good is a horror movie without a few good startles? All in all, the premiere, and Dead Hunt itself, exceeded my expectations. Kudos to everyone in the cast and crew for their efforts.

Since that night, we've heard a lot of positive feedback as well. Plus, the folks that put on Horrorfind will be showing it twice during the weekend (August 11-13).

Below are some pictures provided by Rob Long. Enjoy!


  1. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Dead Hunt premier...definitely exceeded my expectations. Good job to all


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