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Thursday, May 4, 2006


I plan to use this blog to keep track of my progress with the seemingly endless list of creative projects on which I plan to work in the next few years. Whether it's filmmaking, music, writing, martial arts, or even computer programming, creativity is in my blood—I can't stop it. Whether what I produce appeals to anyone else is a different matter. I'd like to think it does.

At the top of my laundry list is Crawler. For the last three years, I have been working on the visual f/x for this low-budget horror movie produced by Timewarp Films. In particular, I'm working on the computer-generated title character. One thing I've learned in the last three years is that there's a reason we see hundreds of names at the tail end of movie credits for visual f/x; it's hard to do this stuff. It took at least a year to zero in on the best software to create and animate this beast. I finally settled on Softimage XSI—a godsend.

Currently, I'm on the 3rd to last scene involving the creature. After I finish the last creature shot in the last scene, and the 30-some shots of final renders, I have to address the miscellaneous f/x. For this I've recruited a few friends interested in f/x to help. That led to the next lesson learned (no, not "don't hire friends"): I learned not to try to manage and do at the same time. You wind up doing a half-assed job at both. Thus, I had to concentrate on my stuff first. Once I finish the remaining creature shots, I'll pull the gang (or what's left of them) back together to finish the rest.

As a final note, I want to mention a project on the back burner, an amateur film project that is a mere 14 years in the making: Monster Planet.


  1. Nice to

    hear from you again Mitch! I thought the Creature had devoured you ? and that still may not be too far from the

    truth. 3rd to last shot huh? Way to go.

  2. Sometimes it seems like the creature has devoured me. I'll be glad to finish the remaining

    shots. After that, I plan to contact you guys to see if your still interested in working on the miscellaneous shots;

    there are several of them--including more screens, hint, hint.

  3. computer screen shots? Nooooooo!!!!!! Say it isn't so!!!!!!!!

  4. "mindfully" has a knack for the stuff :-)